Problem right after instalation.


Today (after long research) I have decided to purchased CS-Cart. Instalation of CS-Cart 2.0.5 gone through perfectly but right after when I tried to access storefront or admin section only I can see is this message on the top left corner:

Hooks can be only registered by addons: /addons/tags/init.php is not addon path

I’ve been doing research but looks like no one on this planet had this problem before so either this is something very simple that nobody even wants to talk about it or very difficult to solve.

Hosting requirement are correct, I have double checked.

Please let me know if you have any idea.


What kind of server are you installing on and what is your directory tree. Just wondering if everything is in the right place.

Server Hosting Unix, PHP 5.2.6, MySql 5.0.33

Shop is in root directory.

Can you post your config.local.php. Edit out the password stuff.


After installing (in a clean copy I have the same problem.

When I’m installing in - it’s everything ok.

Where is the problem?

Either in config.local.php or .htaccess