problem on 'send to friend'

Hi All,

I am using 1.3.5 sp2.

Tab of ‘send to friend’ shows on product detail page, but the input fields are not shown.

Does anyone know why this is caused and how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance

First of all, I feel sorry when there is no reply at all, and have no solution for this issue. But I have a smiliar problem and would like to share for someone who might experience pain.

I am using v2. When I opened the Newsletter subcription the input box for the email was out of place. It happened in IE7, and was ok in IE8 or other browsers. Eventually our developer fixed it, but he won’t let me know how he did it. So, check this lind of issue with other browsers and versions.

If someone knows how, I would appreciate your generosity for sharing.