Problem installing CS Cart 4.0.1 - Windows Server and IIS

Hi Guys, wondering if anyone can help me with this. I'm trying to install CS Cart 4.0.1 onto my Windows Server 2008 box. IIS is the Web Server Platform. Currently have a version 3.* CS-Cart running with no problems whatsoever. I do the usual setup - configure a new MySQL database (MySQL is version 5.*) PHP is 5.3.10 working fine on everything else. I copy across the install files as normal to the install dir, and run /install through internet explorer. Wizard comes up as expected. Accept license agreement, and then complete the database info, username and password as per normal. Hit next, and nothing happens - other than the progress screen popping up for about a second, and then disappearing, taking me back to the setup screen again. My first thoughts were - what if it's IE 10 - so I try again using Google Chrome. This time, I get a little further - I hit next after entering database details, user and password, the setup wizard runs, but then, after it appearing to complete, I get an 500 Internal Server Error when being directed to /admin?=welcome URL. I try to get to /index.php and nothing, nada! Anyone had this, or have any ideas what it could be, and/or any way to troubleshoot this and see what exactly the install isn't happy with? Many thanks.

I get the following output to the browser if I manage to get past the second install screen… mysqli is selected… also tried with PDO selected… same thing… ProcessingCreating addon_descriptions table Creating addons table Creating bm_block_statuses table Creating bm_blocks table Creating bm_blocks_content table Creating bm_blocks_descriptions table Creating bm_containers table Creating bm_grids table Creating bm_layouts table Creating bm_locations table Creating bm_locations_descriptions table Creating bm_snapping table Creating categories table Creating category_descriptions table Creating common_descriptions table Creating companies table Creating company_descriptions table Creating countries table Creating country_descriptions table Creating currencies table Creating currency_descriptions table Creating destination_descriptions table Creating destination_elements table Creating destinations table Creating ekeys table Creating exim_layouts table Creating images table Creating images_links table Creating language_values table Creating languages table Creating localization_descriptions table Creating localization_elements table Creating localizations table Creating logos table Creating logs table Creating menus table Creating menus_descriptions table Creating new_orders table Creating order_data table Creating order_details table Creating order_docs table Creating order_transactions table Creating orders table Creating page_descriptions table Creating pages table Creating payment_descriptions table Creating payment_processors table Creating payments table Creating privilege_descriptions table Creating privilege_section_descriptions table Creating privileges table Creating product_descriptions table Creating product_feature_variant_descriptions table Creating product_feature_variants table Creating product_features table Creating product_features_descriptions table Creating product_features_values table Creating product_file_descriptions table Creating product_file_ekeys table Creating product_file_folder_descriptions table Creating product_file_folders table Creating product_files table Creating product_filter_descriptions table Creating product_filter_ranges table Creating product_filter_ranges_descriptions table Creating product_filters table Creating product_global_option_links table Creating product_option_variants table Creating product_option_variants_descriptions table Creating product_options table Creating product_options_descriptions table Creating product_options_exceptions table Creating product_options_inventory table Creating product_popularity table Creating product_prices table Creating product_subscriptions table Creating product_tabs table Creating product_tabs_descriptions table Creating products table Creating products_categories table Creating profile_field_descriptions table Creating profile_field_values table Creating profile_fields table Creating profile_fields_data table Creating promotion_descriptions table Creating promotions table Creating quick_menu table Creating sales_reports table Creating sales_reports_descriptions table Creating sales_reports_elements table Creating sales_reports_intervals table Creating sales_reports_table_conditions table Creating sales_reports_table_descriptions table Creating sales_reports_table_element_conditions table Creating sales_reports_table_elements table Creating sales_reports_tables table Creating sessions table Creating settings_descriptions table Creating settings_objects table Creating settings_sections table Creating settings_variants table Creating settings_vendor_values table Creating shipment_items table Creating shipments table Creating shipping_descriptions table Creating shipping_rates table Creating shipping_service_descriptions table Creating shipping_services table Creating shippings table Creating sitemap_links table Creating sitemap_sections table Creating state_descriptions table Creating states table Creating static_data table Creating static_data_descriptions table Creating status_data table Creating status_descriptions table Creating statuses table Creating storage_data table Creating stored_sessions table Creating tax_descriptions table Creating tax_rates table Creating taxes table Creating theme_presets table Creating ult_language_values table Creating ult_objects_sharing table Creating ult_product_descriptions table Creating ult_product_option_variants table Creating ult_product_prices table Creating ult_status_descriptions table Creating user_data table Creating user_profiles table Creating user_session_products table Creating usergroup_descriptions table Creating usergroup_links table Creating usergroup_privileges table Creating usergroups table Creating users table Creating views table ProcessingCleaningProcessingProcessingProcessingaccess_restrictions add-on installedattachments add-on installedbanners add-on installedbarcode add-on installedbestsellers add-on installedbuy_together add-on installedcatalog_mode add-on installedcustomers_also_bought add-on installeddata_feeds add-on installeddiscussion add-on installedform_builder add-on installedgift_certificates add-on installedgift_registry add-on installedgoogle_analytics add-on installedgoogle_sitemap add-on installedhidpi add-on installedhybrid_auth add-on installedimage_zoom add-on installedjanrain add-on installedmy_changes add-on installednews_and_emails add-on installedpolls add-on installedprice_list add-on installedrequired_products add-on installedreward_points add-on installedrma add-on installedrss_feed add-on installedseo add-on installedsocial_buttons add-on installedstatistics add-on installedstore_locator add-on installedtags add-on installedtwigmo add-on installedwatermarks add-on installedwishlist add-on installedWriting configContinue

and then… get a blank page at the following redirected URL; [url=“http://myhostname/csc4/admin.php?welcome”]http://myhostname/csc4/admin.php?welcome[/url]=

What version of PHP is on your server? V4 requires 5.3 or greater.

It's running PHP 5.3.10 and MySQL 5+… out of ideas, was on this all last night and can't get it to co-operate :cry:

I know you are supposed to be able to, but I gave up on trying to pur CS-Cart on a Windows box. It was more headache than it was worth.

Hi Jim,

I had/have absolutely no problems doing a version 3 install on our box, so not quite sure what 4.0.1 is doing differently - obviously something, or it would work. I know my setup on my Windows box is working perfectly, as I've never (until now) had any problems, whatsoever, running PHP scripts on my box - we run CS Cart 3, Helpdesk, etc, no problems at all.

Does anyone know how you can troubleshoot the installation process on CS Cart, v 4? I know that version 3, there was a line of code you could add to the config.ini file so that errors were output whilst installing, and is there any documentation for version 4.0.1 which details system dependency and requirements, other than just generic - you need PHP 5.3 or above and MySQL 5+.


//Uncomment to enable the developer tools: debugger, PHP and SQL loggers, etc.
// define('DEBUGGER', true);

You may also want to try this one?

// Uncomment this line if you experience problems with mysql5 server (disables strict mode)
//define('MYSQL5', true);


Hi Kikky -

Did you resolve this? I had the same problem but now fixed. Try this:

remove the following line of code:

$dir_root = realpath($dir_root);

from the public static function initEnv function in the app/Tygh/Bootstrap.php file of your CS-Cart installation.

See if that works for you.

Hi Rammie, wow - seems to have done the trick - since I posted this, the cs-cart team have been trying endlessly to figure out what’s causing the issue on my box - they got it to work, at least in part, by getting past the install stage by commenting out a similar line of code in one of the SMARTY plugin files (I can dig out of necessary) - so we managed to get the installer working n summary, but then, there was a problem with logging into the admin area shortly after the install completed (it would let you log in for your first session - but after you logged out – you were buggered – I think something to do with paths and cookies again) — since adding your file change (I have been unable to login to /admin.php for many months now), it’s letting me log into the admin area and navigate it as per normal, so thank you very much - I am hopeful, your solution is the other half of the solution in my instance. Just out of curiousity, are you using any “hosting control panel” software on your windows server, and are your paths using UNC paths instead of literal (say C:\blah\blah)? I use encompass on my box, and that uses UNC paths for its data stores - that’s been the main cause of my problems I believe - as SMARTY and obviously the above probably don’t like UNC paths, at least, that’s what I’m thinking - I know for sure that was the problem with the SMARTY path which cs-cart asked me to comment out to get the installer running… how did you find this fix out? I’ve been pulling my hair out with cs-cart trying to figure this issue out, and I believe cs-cart have asked the SMARTY plugin developer if he can fix the bug in his script, assumingly, so it’s applied as a bug fix in the next release… have you reported your fix Rammie to cs-cart yet? If you do, pass it over to Kate who’s been dealing with my problem and let her know it’s related to ticket number TID:100226006 - hopefully this will save other Windows users in the future having any similar problems, and then, fingers crossed, we will have nice clean windows installs with version 4, as we are accustomed to with version 3 :D Thanks again /snogs Rammie