problem in loading

Hello All,

after i transfered my server to go daddy (virtual), now i am having a problem with my website first loading page. i have seen several posts here regarding same issue, but i need some specific help.

my website is: *****.com

problem is:

If the page does not redirect automatically in 10 seconds, please click on this link: continue

Any help is appriciated

[QUOTE]i have seen several posts here regarding same issue,[/QUOTE]

And somehow you overlooked all the posted comments regarding Go-Daddy?

No problems at all with the Go-Daddy Girls, however, there hosting service is bubblegum! :wink:

His question/issue has nothing to do with where his cart is hosted. He has something that is outputting data before a redirect which is what caused the empty space and the message (if there was actual text, it would show).

First thing I would do is do a “view page source” with the page showing the message to see if you have any text ahead of the message stuff or whether it is empty html. Since you provided the URL, I did that and you have this php code that is in html:

Note that most servers do not accept "unqualified" asp tags (Ie.
But, as Struck said, Go Daddy is NOT a good choice for an ecommerce hosting site for cs-cart. You are running a business and should put your money toward a solid hosting environment that can handle the load that cs-cart puts on a server.

I deleted from index.php, now it works fine.

Thank you very much