Problem importing orders

Finally decided to buy the license so the store should be migrating to CS Cart soon. I am still having some problems importing orders from old system. I had posted in the Trial forum but it seems that is not the best place to ask.

As mentioned in previous post, I am able to import the orders but not the order details. In Magento I have an Order ID along with most of the other fields, however to be able to import order products you need to have an Item ID. This item_id seems to be a hash generated with session and product information.

I have tried using a random number but the import fails with an “object not found”. If I edit the orders from the admin and add the product, the items are added without a problem, but don’t have the time to do that for 800+ orders.

I appreciate if someone has been able to import order, to let me know how they did it.

Unfortunately this can’t be done. Placed a support ticket and the answere was that this allows to import orders which were exported from CS-Cart.

Kind of beats the point to importing order functionallity.