Problem Image Does Not Load. !


local host

version 4.2.1

license in trial mode

Internet explorer 11

Zero setup

read / write / remove

113x82 pixels 5.95kb jpeg image


image does not load. !!!

please contact:

you do the test

give notice

1 - local problems ( blocking )

2 - software error problem

3 - other

Thank you.

Sincerely …





Very strange, are you sure link is entered correctely to Image Web Link page?

Try doing it with raw html rather than the html editor and see if you get any different results.



Thank you

Test version 4.1.5 - 4.2.1 Problem !!!

Test Result:

Html editor will work (yes)

image (not working)




give notice

Thank you.

So, if you add image within html editor, it works perfectly? But if you add image within image insert function, it does not work? Do you see what content will be in html code if you add image within image insert function?


problems found

cs-cart software, internet explorer 11 Problem (no adaptation)

Download the latest version

Mozilla Firefox works (yes)

Google Chrome runs (yes)

Internet Explorer 11 will not work (no)

No test other browsers?

Note: The same problem


perform the test: localhost

ver 4.1.5 - 4.2.1 + Internet Explorer 11


Find :

return $.browser.mozilla ? hash : decodeURIComponent(hash);

Change :

return decodeURIComponent(hash);

result of continuing problems !!!

write the code

the result

no I do not


code help

solution: (cscart write the code)

Thank you.

result of continuing problems !!!

write the code

the result

no I do not


code help

Please report any defects you find in the bugtracker. Listing them here does nothing to get them addressed.


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I have noticed that IE11 does have some display issues. Have you tried Compatibility mode and see if that works?

I had fun just reading these posts. Made me smile.

I'm glad you figured out the problem