Problem Cs3.04 and Cart


Cart does not update if add product

it appears empty

he don 'window add more product

if key F5 > Cart update Ok

a suggestion ?


Button “add to cart” based on AJAX = false

Have you done any modifications to your product page? I had this problem because I had an addon that modified the product_data.tpl file and it made this stop working. I modified the file and now everything is good.

If you've made any changes, that is where I'd start.



hI Brandonvd

No modif product_data.tpl

only update Cs 3.03 > 3.04

if Button “add to cart” based on AJAX = true : no working False ; Ok


if product and option prices select for order no update price page product

Forbidden option no working >

Kb cs cart : Also, in Settings > General you can find the Exception style setting that allows regulating exception behavior. By default, the setting is set to Hide exceptio

Cs 3.03 > correct working




Better open a ticket with Cs-Cart support.


Ouaf 0 credit 0 …


cs downgrade 3.03 and it works :?