Problem clearing all logs from cs-cart

Hi Guys,

Ive been running Xenu’s link sleuth on my webpage which loads pretty much every link on your website to check for broken links and tells you which pages they link from so you can easily find the bad links.

The problem is, after running it twice (once to find the bugs and once to see if I’d missed anything) I checked the daily statistics and noticed I’d has nearly 9000 visits (not real). I figured OK that’s the link sleuth.

Anyway, I went to perform maintenance like I do every week, checked the database and and it had jumped to 55mb in size (its usually between 9-13)

So I cleared out all the stats and cleaned the logs and cleared the cache and did the database maintenance.

This dropped the database down to 42mb…

I cant find anywhere else in the options to clean? Have i missed a log somewhere?

When you run this link slueth software, you can literally shut down any cs-cart based store (I assume).

The statistics bloat, the database bloats and the site becomes too slow and just keeps timing out.

I tried it on my own site and managed to shut it down to the point it was unusable.

The only way to fix it is to clear the statistics, and delete the cs-cart stored sessions to restore functionality. The stored sessions is where the bloat occurs.

Is this a design problem ? Can someone test this on their own site to confirm it happens to them ?