Problem : All Global Options Are Showing All For Each Product

Hello Guys,

I have a problem regarding the global option.

I have added 110 size options in global options on version 4.3.1

But i added some size options for some products.

When i go to the front end on the product details page.

All the product size options are showing on the dropdown box.

But I have added 3-4 sizes for each product. Instead of showing only 3-4 sizes for that product, it is showing all the global options for each products.

So, please help me on this thing.

Thank you

Sorry dont quite understand,

have you linked 2 global options to all products or 1 option to all products with too many sizes?

have you got a link to the offending page/s


Suppose I have 3 global sizes

  1. Small
  2. Medium
  3. Large

    And then I have one product , where I have added only two global options (like small and Large).So When I go to the this product detailspage from the front end of my site, I should be seen only 2 options (Small and large) not the medium.Because I dont added the medium size for that product.

    So In my site all the global options are showing regardless of what i select for each products.

global options are created either linked or unlinked

linked meaning one option controls all the others so changing this one global, changes al the others at the same time.

The other “not linked”" is basically just a quick way of adding all the same options to as many products you need it for, then each needs editing manually.

You need to either create a global option for each, i.e. small and large then apply that to all product that only have small and large, then create another for small and medium and apply that to all products that have only small and medium.


depending on how many and how often they change you could be aswell doing them as regular options in a spreadsheet .csv and importing them all in to each product.


That means if i have 4000 products on my site then i have to add the global option 4000 times for each product options? if this is all about it then it is not that kind of solution that help me.

Please you have any other procedure or anything please let me know.

Thank you for your help.

What each of your options are different 4000 times just for sizes…doubt it?

Its no big deal, you can just import via csv or as above

Again I say to be clearer, create one global option "small med"and apply it to however many products that need “small med” you can apply that to 1 or 1000 products at a time.

Am I missing something?