Problem Addon Stripe

[color=#6B6B6B]I’ve recently bought a Gateway for Stripe payment on my CS Cart store, [/color]

[color=#6B6B6B] I’m really happy with the experience so far. It’s an amazing tool. [/color]

[color=#6B6B6B]But recently I’ve been having some issues:[/color]

[color=#6B6B6B]At the moment of enabling the payment gateway Stripe, it shows some written errors. It was no biggie, because it still worked to process the payment successfully. [/color]

[color=#6B6B6B]But last night it stopped working. It just stopped, doesn’t give any error code or anything, just this screen every time someone clicks the button “get a Stripe Account” (uploaded screenshot) and I’m really worried because I’m not a programmer and know very little of this stuff so I can’t fix this. [/color]

[color=#6B6B6B]So I tried a few simple things: I changed the language back to English and it works. It works just by changing the language to English. But my costumers don’t understand anything in English so I can’t make a sale either way.[/color]

[color=#6B6B6B]I really need your help and a thank you in advance for the kind attention[/color]


Screenshot from 2015-02-03 17_23_21.png

Hello, I have Stripe and have an issue, but not sure if related. My question is why does a stripe tab have to be added to registration in the first place??. It works fine when checking out without registering. I think just having it added as a tab in Registration is a problem. Should be optional.


Any help ?


Why do not you contact Simtech Development? They developed this add-on and only they know how to solve the problem.

If it is a bug they will help you without any charge.

I have found the contact email

Sure that if you inform them about this issue, they will fix it.

best regards, Alt-team.



I put in a ticket at Simtech to remove the Stripe functionality-tab in registration. I don't know if it is causing my issues or not. I just think it will cause confusion with customers. They don't even know what a Stripe is and it suggests they should create a Stripe account.

I also requested in my ticket to help you and included the link to this post. Hopefully, they will get back to both of us soon.