Problem Adding Terms & Conditions Pop-Up Link In Responsive Theme

Hi all, I just switched from Basic to Responsive theme, and have to re-do the Terms and Conditions pop-up link in the new theme. I followed the instructions at, but when testing, much of my text is truncated. I double checked the html and fixed any errors but it's still truncated. So I decided to add one paragraph at a time to see where the issue starts, but saw after adding the first paragraph, it still shows the full truncated text (in other words not showing any changes).

So thinking maybe it's showing old text from the previous theme configuration, I went to languages and searched for "terms" and found more than the ones I just created based on the KB instructions. Are any of these duplicates from the old theme that can be deleted? The last 2 are the ones just created from the KB instructions:

Value Language variable
I accept the terms in the checkout_edp_terms_n_conditions

Select this check box to accept the Terms and Conditions. checkout_terms_n_conditions

In order to proceed, you need to accept our Terms and Conditions. checkout_terms_n_conditions_alert

Terms and Conditions checkout_terms_n_conditions_name

Terms and Conditions terms_and_conditions

By checking this check box, you accept the terms_and_conditions_you_accept

If anyone else has this issue, this is what I found out via support. More credits down over something I probably would've figured out eventually on my own. *sigh*

The issue is caused by templates cache. We manually cleared it by renaming the var/cache directory.

If they had to clear the cache by renaming it, then you probably have ownership/permission issues on your site (I.e. it couldn't be cleared via clearing cache from the URL or admin panel). Suggest you contact your hosting to adjust for your PHP implementation. Remember to adjust the permission settings in config.local.php to match what's needed by your server.

Ok I'll look into this, thank you!