Problem about mod security module enabled

Before a install the cart i have this massage on top of the page :frowning: :frowning:

But i don’t really know , it’s ok if i just ignore this massage and not do what is said on it. And just

complete the installation the cart an don’t worry about this massage OR no i have to solve this problem so i don’t get any problem future ? will i have problem on the future if i ignore this massage and i install the cart

[COLOR=“Red”]Your webserver has the mod_security module enabled. As a result, you may see the “403 Forbidden” or “Not Acceptable” error messages after submitting forms that contain “curl”, “perl”, “set”, etc. It is recommended to disable this module or reconfigure it so that these words are not forbidden.[/COLOR]

I attach a photo that you could see the prablem more closer


Please answer me as soon as you could

Thanks so much


would any one just answer me , please ? :cry:

Add this into the .htaccess if it works. This information is listed in cs cart knowledge base.

SecFilterEngine Off

SecFilterScanPOST Off

thanks so much i will try that

Don’t work at all . it made the problem worse :expressionless: