Pro 2.x to ultimate 3.x - image import


I now got the ultimate edition license and i successfully imported the products using CSV format from pro edition.But i cannot import the images please help me.


What you need to do is when exporting your products from 2X.

Copy the images folder to the new install.

Then when you select export from 2X look where it says

[color=#5F5F5F][font=Tahoma, Arial, Verdana,]Images directory: [/font][/color]/home/content/10/2254167/html/images[color=#ff0000]/backup[/color]

Yours will not look like mine but make sure you remove the /backup before hitting export.

Same thing with [color=#5F5F5F][font=Tahoma, Arial, Verdana,]Files directory: [/font][/color]Just need to make sure they are pointing where the images will be.

So when you import all if your images will show up.

I just went through this, turned out I needed to reverify the image folders were set to 777.


I am exporting and then re-importing product information from 2.3.4 PRO to another install with 3.01 PRO. This seems to work. I am still not clear on the product images based on what is contained in this post…

There are many image folders including one called backup within the main image folder. Also, when exporting images, I get a csv file with image location I assume I use this export, but change the location? I copied the entire images folder to my local computer. There must be 100 sub folders with images.Do I upload the entire folder back to the new install and replace th current image folder?

Can someone please give me a step by step process to move the images.