here is my problem (version 2.06):

If I create another admin and grants him ALL privileges, he can’t edit / add pages (under content tab).

Can somebody please verify this bug or point me in the right direction. Can I edit this somewhere?


Edit: Sorry, this should go in Issues & Troubleshooting forum.

Oh, and the same with banners…

21 views and nobody took 1 minute to test this? :frowning:

Works fine for me in 2.0.6 -both pages and banners.


That is weird, because even in official demo there is no option to set privileges for pages: [url]Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days

I can set permissions for both banners and pages. Below is a screen grab of the relevant permissions on my installation when viewing another admin membership while logged in as the root admin:



Hm, then what could be wrong with my instalation (and official demo)? I have exactly the same problem as there is in demo store. Any idea? Thanks!

OK, for some reason I had corrupt data in cscart_privileges and cscart_privilege_descriptions tables. It is probably the same with cs-cart demo store.