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I would like to know how it is possible to create a private access to my customers so only the one registered and approved can have access to the content?


Hello caprissimo,

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If by content you mean products, categories, pages, etc., then I suggest that you should select the Registered check box in the User Groups option in the Availability section. This section is available when you edit a product, a category, a page, etc. in your CS-Cart admin panel. After you select this check box and click the Save button, the edited product/category/page will be available only for registered customers in the storefront.

Please check it.

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Pavel Zyukin

CS-Cart Support team

Hello @caprissimo

If you need something like this [url=“”][/url] you need something else

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Yes, it is more like secretsales that I need. I want my store to be available only for 300 people to start with a private access.

What are the possibilities?

@caprissimo please PM for a quick and simple solution

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I am interested in building a private store in cs-cart v4.3.7, anyone found a solution for this?

cs cart rocks

I use it here

We can offer you free module for this function:

We can offer you free module for this function:

Well done, I didnt know about this