Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions

Hello everyone,

I saw these documents on another website… if you must know which one just pm me.

Anyway they are written very well and are put together so that you can apply them to your website with ease. In the .zip file blow there are three word documents.

One is a Terms and Conditions paper for your website.

Another is a Privacy Policy paper for those of you that have SSL on their servers.

The last one is a Privacy Policy paper for those of you that do not have SSL on your server.


Download Here

Thank you kind friend.

I was wracking my cloudy brain on figuring out how to write these so I only have to do it once (instead of the 3 years it takes me to do anything…) :smiley:

Again, thank you for doing this


Not a problem Komplex. I am glad it helped.

thanks buddy :slight_smile:

You are so kind to share these sample "privacy policy, terms and conditions with us. They are great! :smiley:

Nice find. Its always handy to use stuff like this when you are in a hurry or just simply can’t come up with anything that sounds good. :smiley: