Printing of shipping label

I am trying to find a simple method to print the shipping label. My current methd is to cut and paste from the invoice to Openoffice’s Write, and print on normal paper using laser printer. This method is good for low volume but as the sales growth, I find it very time consuming.

I also consider using the Brother’s P-Touch QL-550 label printer. But drop the ideas after going thru’ the User’s Maual because I find it equally complex.

How do you print the shipping label? Is there any click-and-print product that works with CSCart?


Some payment processors i.e. PayPal have shipping labels available. Other than that, you may want to look into

I’m using dymo label writer 400 at the moment and it’s been great. Installation was easy and it comes with its own label printing software. so you can cut-and-paste the address into the software and click print. its easy and fast.

The official labels are expensive however but you can get wholesale generic version of the labels from ebay much cheaper.

I modified our invoice to use these labels [URL=“”] I use the peel off section to print the shipping address to. There is another post somewhere on the forum discussing this.