Printing Admin Pages Question

I have updated from v2.2.5 to v4.2.4 and I am still at the customisation stage so the new store is not running live yet.

In v4.2.4 have been wanting to print some of the Admin pages for example: Admin/Settings/Appearance but when the print page appears all the url and link addresses can be seen and overwrite some of the page content (image 1)

I also tried the admin/product pages and the same situation occurs, url addresses everywhere (image 2)

I checked and noticed this also happens on the cs-cart demo site.

In my old store v2.2.5 when I select print everything looks good and printer friendly (image 3)

Is this page printing situation the same for all v4.x versions. Is anyone else seeing this or am I the only one?

Any feedback appreciated.

image 1 for v4.2.2.jpg

image 2 for v4.2.2.jpg

image 3 for v2.2.5.jpg

bump: Is this printing issue only related to cs-cart version 4

Apparently so. I don't have the need to print pages but I will confirm that the urls are present.

Thank you for your confirmation.

I found it useful to be able to print my Out of Stock Products pages without the long urls everywhere.

Now in version 4.2.4 to print without the urls I have to drag and select the content, then select in my Printer Options - More settings - enable Selection only - Print. Some part of the content still may not fit in the printed page, so while it is possible but not perfect in version 4.2.4 it is not as printer friendly as cs-cart version 2.2.5