Print Tracking Number In Email Template

Hello and happy new year,

I am trying to edit the email template for order completion to include the tracking number in the body of the text. I have found the function that sends the email in fn.cart.php and there I see that in the data part it sets multiple variables

'data' => array(
                    'order_info' => $order_info,
                    'shipments' => $shipments,
                    'tracking_numbers' => $tracking_numbers,
                    'shipping_methods' => $shipping_methods,
                    'order_status' => $order_status,
                    'payment_method' => $payment_method,
                    'profile_fields' => $profile_fields,
                    'profields' => $profields,
                    'secondary_currency' => $secondary_currency,
                    'take_surcharge_from_vendor' => $take_surcharge_from_vendor

as per the documentation .

However in the email template editor I can access only the order_info variable using {{ order_info }}. When I user {{ tracking_numbers }} nothing prints even though the variable $tracking_numbers is not empty and contains the correct data. How can I print the information?

Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to extend available variables in the new document editor. This is not trivial task.

Hello again,

the client won't take no for an answer and since you didn't say impossible I am revisiting this question.

Can you give me any advise on how to achieve this? Is there any relevant documentation?

Thank you

May be you will find some useful information here