Print Products


Is there a function to print all products of a category in table format?

How can i do this?

Go to your category. Click 'view products' then print the resulting page.

Thank you tbirnseth,

In my first post, I used print instead of show or display…

The question is:

function cat_products($cat_id) {
return db_get_fields("SELECT product_id FROM ?:products_categories WHERE category_id=?i", $cat_id);

I have got to use this function to show each product in a table format using html tags in a tpl ? or there is a way to show directly a product in table format? I mean a function or a block or something similar…

Thank you very much

There is no print products function. I suggested using the category products listing to simply print from your browser. The code you quoted was from a different thread that asked how to get the products that are in a category.