Print Product Details

Hi everyone, I’m searching for a way to allow users to print off product details. Ideally, there would be a “Print” link on the product page and it would pop up a new window with a printer friendly version of the product. If there was an option to allow a PDF to be created (similar to the print invoice feature), that would be even better.

Has anyone done this before?

(04-19-2010) Screenshot 000562.jpg

I came on here today to search for the same thing - Surely we mustn’t be the only people to have wanted this.

Does anyone have any ideas? or crafty solutions?

There already is a print stylesheet, so I just added a link with javascript print page command to the template and I modified the print stylesheet to display the Description and Features divs and it works pretty much the way you want. It just doesn’t have the section headers.

Here is a example page:


Would you be kind enough to explain/show how you did this? I’d really love to implement this on my site.


or this


this is the simpliest


print page

you can also replace the “print page” with an image like this

add code and then add a print button or text link to the wishlist page