Print All Credit Card Info On Invoice

Is there a way to print the credit card info on the invoice by editing the invloice tpl or ?. I process credit card info off line and have to write the # on the invoice manually. and the process the card separately . then we always shred of course.



If you capture the cc data on your site then yes. But obviously holding that information in your database is a risk to your clients and a huge liability for you.

Just uncheck the "remove credit card info" on the order statuses page for the O and P statuses. But I would strongly encourage you to have it checked for the 'C' (Complete) status.

Try to use the following code in the invoice.tpl:

                        {foreach from=$order_info.payment_info item=item key=key}
{if $item && $key != "expiry_year"}
{if $key == "card_number"}{assign var="cc_exists" value=true}{__("credit_card")}{elseif $key == "expiry_month"}{__("expiry_date")}{else}{__($key)}{/if}
{if $key == "order_status"} {include file="common/status.tpl" status=$item display="view" status_type=""} {elseif $key == "reason_text"} {$item|nl2br} {elseif $key == "expiry_month"} {$item}/{$order_info.payment_info.expiry_year} {else} {$item} {/if}