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The purchase of a CS-Cart license is a one-time payment which gives you the right to run the software on your server for an unlimited amount of time. On purchasing the license you will be given access to new CS-Cart versions (both major and minor) and upgrades for a period of one year and the opportunity to get security patches free of charge.

It means that on purchasing the license on the 22nd of May, 2014, for instance, you will be able to upgrade your CS-Cart store to the next version of the software within a year for free, i.e. till the 22nd of May, 2015.

After that, if you want to upgrade your CS-Cart web store to the latest version which can be released during this time, the maintenance plan is to be purchased. However, you will be able to continue using the existing version of the software without purchasing the maintenance plan if you do not need to upgrade your store to the next version of CS-Cart.

For more detailed information on conditions of our upgrade policy and prices of maintenance plans, please refer to the following page of our website:

Resources :: Upgrade Policy

Also, on purchasing the license you will be given 50 support credits. For more information on our technical support policy, please refer to the following page:

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One CS-Cart license allows you to run one online store. If you need 2 or more stores(different products, branding etc.) then extra licenses must be purchased.

You can have multiple domain aliases pointed to the same store - no additional licenses are required in this case.

Hope that clarifies our license policy.