Price List Addon - Add Short Description


I was wondering if it's possible to add the products short description to the cs-cart built in addon "Price List" from 4.3.8 version.

I've already tried on localhost to change a few files but no luck.


Try the following

- Open the app/addons/price_list/Tygh/PriceList/AGenerator.php file

- Add

$params['extend'] = array('description');


$params['subcats'] = 'N';

- Open the app/addons/price_list/schemas/price_list/schema.php file

- Add

'short_description' => array('title' => __('short_description'), 'sort_by' => ''),


'image' => array('title' => __('image'), 'sort_by' => ''),

- Clear cache

- Check the result

(!) Not tested

Thank you, it kind of works but the short description on the price list comes with html view (

<.....etc.), not plain text, and only shows up if the price list is grouped by category, if I untick that option there is no short description, just the column but with empty fields.

I'm testing it on localhost, don't know if that matters.


Add also

            } elseif ($field_name == 'short_description') {
                $tbl .= strip_tags($product[$field_name]);

after these lines:

            } elseif ($field_name == 'price') {
                $tbl .= fn_format_price($product[$field_name], CART_PRIMARY_CURRENCY, null, false);

app/addons/price_list/Tygh/PriceList/AGenerator.php file


$params['extend'] = array('description');


$params['skip_view'] = 'Y';

(!) Tested :)

Yap, it works now (when grouped by category is selected). Many many thanks!! :)

You are welcome!