Price in points: (Sorry I'm being thick!)

I have the reward points set up (as a test)… I am gaining points for purchases and being given the option to pay for products with points…

…but I can’t seem to find how to make the Price in points: be displayed within the product description…?

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There is a version out there that has a bug. I think it’s 2.13. You might be unlucky and have that one…

To fix:

  1. Open the /core/fn.catalog.php file located in the core directory of your CS-Cart installation.

  2. Replace the following part of code

    fn_set_hook(‘get_additional_product_data’, $product, $auth, $get_options);

    with this one

    fn_set_hook(‘get_additional_product_data’, $product, $auth, $params[‘get_options’]);

  3. Save the file.

    Hope this helps

Thanks - that explains it… I am on 2.1.3… thought I was going daft!

I’ll try your code changes, but will be upgrading to 2.1.4 in the next couple of days too… so one way or another I should get it sorted…

Many thanks!

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Just done the 2.1.4 upgrade… so far so good!

and the Points have appeared in the product listings…

many thanks

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You’re welcome. It cost me a big headache as well at the time. I thought I was going :shock:

You should def. upgrade to 2.14. It’s basically the same but with many, many little fixes. Oh I see you already did.