Price Error


I installed CS-CART 2.2.5, and yesterday I got a problem. All the product price suddenly added up 4,500,000. For example if the price before is 1000, then it become 4,501,000 and so on. It happen in one night and to all of my product (around 2,000 item) I ask my admin staff that take care of the server. He said the server are intact. But, I still don't know what happen actually, I mean how this can happen. My server administrator suggest that that probably some attack from random hacker. Do you ever got this problem before? Could you share to me? and let me know what do you do to prevent future problem like this.


check your default currency settings havent been changed in anyway

Hi Johnbol1,

I change the currency setting long time ago, because I'm not live in US. It's never been a problem. Only yesterday. I already fix it by replacing with the backup database. But, I just wondering what is happening. Do you ever got the same problem?

I have had issues similar but each time turned out to be currency,


Oh I see, but not in my case. I still try to examine the real problem.

I'll update later.

Thanks for your comment