Price changes to nil when adding to cart

I had a mod done last week by CS Cart to enable various options to be added together to give qty discount rate. great MOD ( I will be sharing once tested fully)

It was done for 2.1.2 but I have had other more serious mods done elsewhere which need an upgrade to 2.1.4 cos of a bug that was fixed in 2.1.4.

I thought I would try the upgrade and see if it broke my qty discount MOD, well it was fine on 2.1.3 but in 2.1.4 it sends all products to basket as Nil price (prices do show in store) and the error line I get on the test store on same server is.

Warning: Missing argument 4 for fn_quantity_discount_get_cart_product_data() in /home/hiviscou/public_html/addons/quantity_discount/func.php on line 18

I Was hoping someone may have an idea or should I get back in touch with support.




fn_quantity_discount_get_cart_product_data() in /home/hiviscou/public_html/addons/quantity_discount/func.php on line 18


One would think they added an argument to the hook in 2.1.4. However, when I go look at that hook in core/fn.cart.php it only has 3 arguments (product_id, _pdata and product).

You might want to check to see if they added an additional argument to the hook to support your addon. That would mean that they modified a core file but did not propagate that change to the standard release.