Price breaks by quantity bought

I should like to be able to have prices and selections for


12 - 23

24 - 47 etc

Is there any “sneaky” way of doing this?

Anybody had it modded?

Doesn’t Wholesale pricing do that.

Not when I looked at it. It just lets you have a different price for an item seen only with that log in.

I’ve got it set on one of my products. Single price £39.00, 10+ £32.00. Doesn’t make any difference with login.


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That has proved me wrong - I had best look at it again.

I looked at it my “early” days - 4 months ago - and in 134sp3.

Baballuci - is that from 135


That’s from 1.3.4sp3, but looking at truem’s post it’s the same in 1.3.5

you have to go into addons and check wholesale trade


1.3.4 sp3

both had wholesale price capabilities

Its the same in 1.3.5 as 1.3.4

Click the Wholesale Tab on the product page to add your quantity discounts.

Just set the membership to all.

(at least thats how I did it) :slight_smile:

Sample Page

oh…and in language variables, i made a new one (referenced in the .tpl) and called it quantity discount

I am disgraced.

Thanks for your replies - I had for some reason got it into my head that this was not possible on 134sp3.

Good old cs-cart.