price break -->show lowest price

Hello! How can I get the store to show the lowest wholesale price if I have a price break available for that product? Thank you!

Have you found a solution to this?



Yes, I pay them to customize it for me. I was hoping CS to include this as part of the standard code, but they didn’t include it with the latest release. It is trouble to comparing those files on each upgrade.

How much was this modification form CSC I need this also


Also asking - How much?

CSC did it for me I think $90

This is now an addon for 2.1.2 but it only shows the lowest price is the product detail page and not the category page where people are browsing which is where it is most important really to get them to click through to the product.

Also surely when “show lowest price” is enabled it should have a text of “from” added in front of “price”

can anybody help me on this one.