Price alert in detailled product

cs-cart possible??

price alert in all product detailed page and when in the admin I change price , automaticly the subscriber of this product receive a mini newsletter wih the new price with URL link :rolleyes:

wizard brain juice needed…

Great idea, also :in stock notification to notify customer when the item is back in stock…

I tried to create a simple form with an email field for Price Alert and paste the code in Product_Details.tpl but the Submit button does not work, I’m thinking I forgot to add some Javascipt sentences? can somebody help with this?


Price Alert:



many many search in internet but way:(

the mehod form mail send email in flash ,ajax,ect… that all

another possible isue is 1 system multinewsletter ?, the category is create for each product

but you must look and send mail for all product… whooo I nedd 32hour per day to manage this…

anoter concre issue , IIsee in the forum 1 addon (advertise me when stock is uptade)

ex: stock=0 when stock=5 = automatique mail alert

for the price alert in the same way is posible

per ex: price alert if price change with no price range just one alert