Previous orders appearing in the basket


I help someone run a shopping cart running cs cart 2.1.2 and we seem to get a lot of people complaining about previous orders appearing in their basket when they are trying to do a new order. See below:


I have just tried to order 2 supplements without success.After entering all relevant details,my order also includes items i have ordered in the past which i do not require.I cannot see where i can delete the unwanted items on your site.

This has happened every time i try to order items.

Please advise.[/quote]

[quote]I don’t know if anyone has said to you about the shopping cart, when people go to pay, it adds stuff from there last order to the basket, and there must some sort of error? [/quote]

Has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it ?



This is generally due to the customer being redirected to a payment processor and not returning after the payment has been placed. The only “fix” is to delete the abandoned/live cart list.

Excellent, thanks for your help.

There are a variety of reasons why this can occur. Cart data is stored with the user's session. A user's session is restored if they come into your site from the same IP address and using the same browser as they previously used. Hence any 'cart' that did not complete checkout will be restored.

Generally this is a good thing in that it allows users to leave your store and return with their items still in the cart. But if there was a problem and they got booted out versus left, then it could become an annoyance. But generally I think it's a good thing.