Preview product before it's set to "Available"?

Is there anyway to see what a product page looks like before it goes live?

I’m thinking about configurable product especially where there is room for error. You really want to get it right before it goes live.

That’s a good idea. just like the “preview post” feature that you have on this forum.

I was thinking more like the “Store access key” that exists already when the store is shut.

Make another key to allow you to view any product.

or check if you are an administrator and show the product with a warning to show it’s not live.

I’ve just created a separate category called Unavailable Items, and made the category itself unavailable. The products within it are still active and viewable - just no way to get to them aside from direct link (or hitting the “preview” button of course). Works for me - gotta be able to preview it before going live.

That’s a GREAT idea, thank you very much!!