Preview image/change colors project needed.

Wondering if anyone would be up for the task of doing something like this: Not even sure where to start.

I have the product designer but it is too clunky to use with existing items. So just looking for something a little more easy for the customer to use to preview an existing design in a different color. That site work really well.

athe colour object changing when option is selected can be done with std cs cart options and combinations, but doing each one manually is a chore if you have 1000s, I am getting a mod done for importing product option images but developer is snowed under at the moment.

As for having the background colour for “your wall” choosable then that is a different matter,


Yeah, I don't think it is done with having 24 different images of the product in different color. All color adjustments are made on the fly just like the background (I think).

We just had something similar custom designed for our v3 site. I would be willing to let a copy go to help recover some of our development costs, which were substantial. PM me with your site url and for more details.