Pre Sales Question: Shipping/Billing address - Taxes

I’m a trial user right now, trying to make darn sure CSC is the way to go before spending the money.

Longtime CRELoaded and OSC user. Had a hard look at Magento, what a nightmare to configure/customize…and I’ve been doing this kind of stuff since 1996!

Setting this up for a new company that rents particular items and groups/packages of items so product variations and the configurator solve all of that.

One of the things that really sold me on CSC is the date picker and configurable profile fields…you wouldn’t believe how hard that is to find in a cart script.

However, during checkout I have these custom fields setup for the shipping address area as I have the following custom fields and it just makes sense:

Delivery Date (date picker for their preferred date of delivery)

Delivery Time (drop down box with selection of preferred times of delivery)

Delivery Notes (textarea for things like gate combo, etc)

My problem is that the Shipping is automatically hidden unless they click on the ‘Ship to a different address’ link. I want Shipping address to show by default so they will see the custom fields and then have an option to click a checkbox to use the same address if they wish…but I still need them to fill out the custom fields.

(see the addresses.jpg for how I do NOT want to do it and addresses2.jpg for how I have it now and prefer it to be seen)

Can I make this happen? If so, how?

I’ve found a few forum posts discussing this but are old and don’t seem to apply for the latest version and/or one page checkout:



Next I need to create a new section in the profile/checkout forms for Pickup address. The pickup address is always going to be different than the delivery address as the products are geared towards house moves. I can add a textarea box below my fields I listed above and just let them type the address there but I’d prefer to have a dedicated section in the form that will list address, city, state, zip, etc.

Any way to do this as well?

Sales Tax. I created the sales tax and setup a product, have it adding it to the total successfully (not adding it to the price as shown in the product description). However, when I get to checkout it shows:

(see cartitems.jpg attached)

Subtotal: $308.52


Sales Tax (8.25%): $23.52

Total cost:$308.52

The Subtotal should be $285.00. Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug? I am not using shipping as I offer free delivery for all products…fyi.

If I can get these answered to my satisfaction then I can move forward and buy CSC as I think everything else will do what I need.






Guess I stumped everyone? :smiley:

Yes, there is a setting in Administration > Settings > Users/Cart titled Allow users to create multiple profiles (shipping and billing addresses) for one account which allows you to only allow one address for shipping and billing. I’m not sure if this will completely address your question if you only want the shipping to be exactly the same as billing each time but it does limit the number of addresses.

Note: The information posted is for version 2.0.8 so may differ slightly for later versions.