Pre-Sale - Mix or Match Quantiy Discounts by Category Possible?

I currently have a fairly active CubeCart site dropshipping single units and wholesaling in quantities. I have a mod for CC that does what I need, but have a problem with customers not finishing a PayPal payment which causes a couple days of grief. Order numbers will be used twice, orders overwritten, others not able to complete payments, etc. Until I locate the guilty one and get the to clear their cache and I restart the Apache service it’s a real PITA.

But, the mod allows me to let buyers choose 50 varying colors and memory sizes of MP4s and get the 50 quantity discount on not just the MP4s, but the optional car chargers or wall chargers they may order.

In my years of selling point-of-sale systems to retailers this was known as mix or match, and it’s what I’m looking for now online. The mod I have is called a Category Quantity Discount and it has sub-categories as optional, so you can do the main and subs, or you can just do each sub individually.

Some products I do have to set up each sub-category by itself, since my discount from the factory may be different on a 2GB memory item and an 8GB memory item.

Is this possible in CS Cart, or is there a mod available?

One other comment - Why have a variety of currencies if you do not have some sort of method to update the conversion values at least with a click of a button, if not automatically.

I did notice a thread comparing with Interspire, and that is one feature they do have.

I sell in 6 currencies and daily updates are important, but also take time doing it by hand. Having it included in the script would sure be nice.

Well, I see I have rated a 5 star on the post, but no replies.

I did not come seeking an Oscar, I was hoping to be told something about quantity discounts by category so I could get away from overwritten orders for a couple of days at a time with CubeCart.

Am I destined to leave behind the best cart I’ve found yet and continue searching?