Pre-Purchasing Questions

I can answer #3 for you.

You can restrict admin users. I have the same situation where a person answers phones for us, We have it set up so she only has access to the add order and view order section.

When people order over the phone and don’t give us an email address, we just put in our own email address.

#3 can be done here:

[COLOR=black][Home > Memberships > Membership privileges (Membership Name)][/COLOR]

You can create different types of Administrator accounts and apply different privileges via Memberships.

I don’t think #4 is available yet. You might be able to request a quote for this though, or see if a freelancer here can do it.

#5 There is a way to import users here:

[COLOR=black][Home > Import > Users][/COLOR]

Here is a copy and paste from that page:

Below is the list of the fields that your data file can contain. The [B]highlighted[/B] fields are mandatory.
[B]E-mail[/B] Web site Billing: zipcode
Login Tax exempt Shipping: title
User type Registration date Shipping: first name
Active Language Shipping: last name
Membership ID Billing: title Shipping: address
Password Billing: first name Shipping: address (line 2)
Title Billing: last name Shipping: city
First name Billing: address Shipping: state
Last name Billing: address (line 2) Shipping: country
Company Billing: city Shipping: zipcode
Fax Billing: state Extra fields
Phone Billing: country

#6 can absolutely be done if you know how. It is written entirely in PHP, MySQL, and Smarty templates. Plus, you have full access to the code because that’s what you’re buying. You upload it and run install.php and you should be good to go. With some hosts though, you may need to create the database before you begin installation. For example, CyberLNC is great, but you can only “create” databases from inside cPanel.

#7 We have experiences with x-cart (some years).

I can tell you that was a good choice changing to Cs-cart.

More better, a lot of mods integrated free, etc.

You can try the trial version and will see…