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How do I replace “Powered By Free Shopping Cart” with “Powered By XYZ”?

Even though I've hidden “About Us, Promotions, Site Map”, still it appears on my homepage. Why?

Hello, mifzal!

You can find the instructions here: CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Concerning the second question, try cleaning up the templates cache. To do it, open in your web browser http://www.your_domain.com/admin.php?cc, where www.your_domain.com is the address of your store, and admin.php is a script file for the administration panel of your store which was renamed for security reasons.

Answer to your second question, it doesn't seem to be working. Could you please let me know as to how I can disable/enable that feature. I.E. Making “About Us, Site Map, Promotions” visible/invisible

To disable/enable the mentioned links, go to Design->Quick links in your CS-Cart admin panel and change the status of the necessary element. If this does not affect the storefront, clean up the templates cache as mentioned above. If this does not help either, contact our support team via Customer Help Desk and provide them with the access to your server, so that they can investigate the problem in more detail.

Thank you. It is working. You are genius! Also, how do I remove “HOME”? Refer attachment.


Just disable the corresponding tab on the Design->Top menu page in your CS-Cart admin panel.

Awesome buddy. Awesome. Thank yo.