Power Reviews Integration

Hey there.

Just wondering if anyone else would like to see some more advanced reviews add-on available for CS-cart. I am thinking specifically of power-reviews.

However I do not know if there might be a better one out there. So far I have had almost 500 orders and no reviews, and I think having something where it makes it easier on the customers would help.

One would think three would be some healthy affiliate cash in it for CS-cart with all the referrals they would be getting.

Also if anyone has any experience with power reviews express please let me know your opinion.

Power Reviews keeps the reviews and serves them from their own servers - Not yours. (At least that’s how it used to be when I was paying them a year or so ago.)

You want the reviews that show up on your page to be from your domain.

We utilizie power reviews on our sites, converted from standard cs-cart reviews, we do seem to get more reviews with requests from customers via power review’s automated systems.

We also made a custom addon to handle the display and power review submission URLs on our website, whilst pulling in the data from power review’s server, this is handled via jquery, javascript and


We use Power Reviews on our sites, via custom addon to handle the automatic intergration and loading of the files from Power Reviews servers, so that the user remains on our website for both reading and writing/submitting a new review for a product.

You can view our setup here:

Safe Model MBF3820E

Power Review - Write a review display

We found power reviews to be very easy to integrate as you will notice, and it was quite easy to have power reviews support staff import our existing reviews from the stock cs-cart system too.

Hope this helps in your decision.

I’d love to see a custom addon like PowerReviews so the monthly fee could be eliminated.

I think it is hard to get people to review products without offering some sort of incentive. I notice stores I purchase from send me reminder emails asking me to review products I’ve purchased. I was planning to use my mailchimp integration to follow-up with people about specific products. However, I’m wanting to fix up the current review system before I launch it.


I think maybe I will try the mailchimp campaign you spoke of and do a trial of Power Reviews.


How much of an increase are you getting in review traffic, since switching to power reivews?

Poked around on their site. Not a lot of info about pricing or interfaces and there does not seem to be a published API…

Can anyone shed any light?

I am currently working on Power Reviews integration. In the UK (where I am based) Shozilla handles the Power Reviews division. Here is there integration guide: [URL=“https://merchant.shopzilla.com/docs/gb_integration_guide.pdf”]https://merchant.shopzilla.com/docs/gb_integration_guide.pdf[/URL]

I’m just getting started so not sure how tricky its going to be. I’ll report back when I’ve had a chance to play around with it.

Looking to hear how difficult integration was Edward, I haven’t had time to take a look at it, but maybe if I get the development team to then they will eventually build it in.

I’m looking for a way to integrate Power Reviews for one of my clients, has anyone been able to accomplish this? We are using V3 of Pro. Any help is greatly appreciated :)