posting on forum

Has anyone else noticed a very long lag time when you post something to the forum? Then about half the times I post I get a gray screen after a long period of time and I don’t even know if it went through or not. Then I can hit the “back” browser button and I see my message did get posted.

Yes, assuming they changed some javascript somewhere that is failing so I just move on since I’ve noticed the posts do go through.

I noticed this as well.

I have to send my post twice. I send once then click back and send again and it goes through. I use chrome and I also notice while clicking on a detailed image on my product details page that I have to click twice too.


As soon as your done typing, hit the refresh button in your browser & your post will immediately go thru. (High Tech Stuff!) :confused:

Wow, I am relieved! Sometimes I start to feel like either my computer is wigging out or I’m wigging out. I’m going to test the “refresh” idea right now…

Wow, Struck you are right!! I just made the last post, counted to 5 after I hit submit and sure enough my post was there. I love high tech fixes like this! It’s almost like taking a hammer to your computer.

If a reload of a page causes the form to be submitted (when it wasn’t previously) then that in and of itself is a bug.

The behavior I’ve seen is that following a “Post Quick Reply” it will sometimes just hang. if I click in the address bar and reload the page wiithout reposting the data, the data is there.

This was happening before crimbo, and a quick refresh used to solve it for me and now it seems to be happening again, intermittentley.


[QUOTE]Wow, Struck you are right!![/QUOTE]

Yes, I am constantly teetering on the edge of “Genious” (or maybe it is Insanity< haven’t been able to fully determine) … :smiley:

I also noticed it… just press enter again in the url bar seems to work.

To have a bug in your forum is not very good PR for a company selling software I think :slight_smile:

I think this relates to the other discussions about the helpdesk server being intermittently unavailable. My guess is the forum and helpdesk are hosted on the same externally available server. Hence when there’s an issue with one, there’s an issue with the other.

I have noticed this problem with making forum posts continuously for several weeks now, same behaviour anytime day or night.

Well, we’re all guessing here. We must be bored! :slight_smile:

Yeah, forums have been rather boring lately, they need to release 2.1.3 to create drama & stir things up again! :wink: