Postage Setup (Free) Question 4.1.5

I am having a mind block as I cant get this to work at all on a new store

Setting up postage and the Australia Post API's work a treat and that's fine BUT my problem is FREE postage for an order over $X.XX I cant get it to work or find where to set this properly

I want to set if an order is over $X.XX that its FREE an shows up in the calculate postage box as well as the normal and express postage costs. Or if they don't use the calculate postage option in the cart and go straight to checkout that if the order is over $X.XX then its free standard postage for the order.

So as I as saying where do I setup the FREE postage commands… YES I know it is probably looking me in the face but having a mind blank and dead brain day

See attached pictures of what I have now and what I would like it to look like

Thank you in advance for your advice

PS: I will be updating to 4.2.1 when its available next week as an update

what I get now.JPG

what I want it to look like.JPG


You should create a proper location on the Administration > Shipping & Taxes > Locations page of your CS-Cart admin panel for the places where the free shipping method should be available. After that create a manual shipping method using the following instructions:

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

I hope this will help you.

Hi Simtechdev

Thanks for the response. I’ve tried going through these instructions using my location ‘australia’ (country and states included). I’ve set up the shipping method “Australia Post FREE” using the same settings as in the instructions however now no matter what the item cost is, the free option is appearing as a selection. I think there must be something obvious I’ve missed so please be gentle :)

I want is for free shipping to be available (and auto-selected) when the cart value is over $50.

Image in left is what appears even when the product price is $11.95. Image on right is how I have free shipping set up.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 8.45.18 pm.png

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 8.44.55 pm.png

Thank you for the clarifications.

In this case you can set up a cart promotion on the Marketing > Promotions page. Add a condition of order subtotal being equal or greater than 50, and add the Free shipping bonus for your Australia Post shipping method. Please check it.

Simtech is correct. You need to set up a promotion with the minimum order total as the condition and free shipping as the bonus.

Hi Simtech

Thank you very much for your response and help, its greatly appreciated and yes that's exactly what I was looking for and how to set up FREE postage over X amount.

It works and works exactly as I wanted it to.

Thank you as well kingsleypress for your reply

You are welcome!

cs cart is normally easy for most things but for some reason on my new site setting up postage is doing my head in…

Postage on all items is as per the Australia Post API costs and thats all fine and is working great

Thanks to simtech I now have free posts for over $x.xx all working fine as well on the items I want it on

BUT one more postage set up question, I have several smaller items and some rather large items and I want to be able to add a flat rate postage costs to these items rather then the cost Australia Post charge for parcels via their API

I dont want to build the postage cost in to the item price as I would like to show the postage costs for these items as a seperate cost within the cart/checkout and on the invoice

So how do you add flat rate postage to certain items that then shows in the cart and checkout and overrides the Australia Post API (the Aust Post API will/must still work on all other items)

Also will the flat rate postage cost on certain items then still work with the free postage option if they buy over $X worth you get free postage?

Putting a postage cost in Products > Products Shipping properties Shipping freight doesnt work as all this does is add the $ value of the Shipping freight field to the shipping rates of the shipping method…

Thank you all in advance for the advice it is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, some code modifications are required in order to set up shipping cost like this.