Post Real-time delivery / transit time estimates?

I am on version 3.0.6 Professional.

Is there a way, or an add-on, that will pull real-time delivery times from USPS?

The last USPS update, while being a pain, offers better delivery commitments. My stuff tends to be time-sensitive, so I really need to offer more than the delivery times I have typed in manually into CS-Cart which say “2-4 days” etc.

Example, the USPS website now says the following when you get delivery estimates from them from one zip code to another.

“Priority Mail 2-Dayâ„¢ Padded Flat Rate Envelope

Scheduled Delivery Day Mon, Aug 12”

I would like to give real delivery estimates for USPS Express but I can't say in every case it's overnight. Some areas take 2 days.

I have implemented the new USPS patch with the new names.