Possible to upgrade from 1.3.5-SP4 to current version?

As the title says; Is it somehow possible to upgrade from 1.3.5-SP4 to the most current version, by using multiple upgrade packages or some other solution? Know it's a bit of a long shot, but I just had an old client contacting me and they haven't upgraded their store for years and now the HAVE to upgrade it due to server changes/PHP upgrades.



Oh my. When I upgraded from 1.3.5 sp4 way back when I had to end up getting the alt team to help me. As to how difficult it is will probably depend on how much it is modified.

It is entirely possible to do this. You can either go through the upgrades, do them manually, or export/import.

Another option that could be fun to play with is http://www.shopping-cart-migration.com/ I've used their system numerous times to move sites from OsCommerce to CS-Cart and since they have the option to go from 1.3.x to 3.x, I'd sure be curios to know if it would work.



Thank you for your replies. Any idea where I would find all update-files. As far as I can see, there is only a couple of files available in our file-area, inside the CS-cart client area?

If I were in your position I would more than likely do a manual upgrade. Either way, they are both time consuming but with all of the problems that can occur during upgrades, I believe a manual upgrade would be easier and you will not have obsolete files/data left over.

And when you say manual upgrade, what do you mean? I understand that it would involve just installing the latest version of the softweare, but should I then just try to import the existing products/users/orders, using the export/import functions? Or do you have any other recommended steps?



  1. You would need a good understanding of the database (what tables/data needs to be exported/imported i.e. cscart_products, cscart_product_description, etc…).

  2. Download the table/file from both installations, compare the data (Beyond Compare or similar) and edit if needed.

  3. Import file to fresh installation.