Possible to export only language from frontend?


i know i was a long time away :slight_smile: but not i am back.

Can somebody tell me how i can export the language in csv only for the frontent language?

thank you very much for fast help!

Hello Triplex,

Unfortunately, there is no such an ability in the standard CS-Cart installation. You cannot separate language variables into language variables related to the storefront and to the administration panel of your store.


SELECT name,value FROM cscart_language_values WHERE lang_code=‘EN’

Then export that result to a csv. Obviously change ‘EN’ to the language you want to extract.

I must be missing what you really want, because this answer is too simple.

Hello Tbirnseth,

I am afraid, but I do not agree with you. If this SQL query is executed, the whole language will be exported, not only the language variables that are related to the storefront.

Agree. It will export the whole language. You do not divide language variables between admin and customer (no need to). The only other way woud be to scan the storefront (all but the admin) and extract the language variables used and them pull those explicitly.

O.K. thank you very much, even when i have no solution :slight_smile:

I think it makes sense to seperate this two things frontend and backend language. Because i think backend isnt neccesary to translate it in my case.

But what do you do with common words or phrases like ‘order’ or ‘phone number’ or ‘settings’?

Might be easiest to export everything and then just srip out what you know to be admin.