Possible Checkout Bug?


Just installed 2.03 and am having a look at it. During checkout (classic, not one page) if I click on the ‘Proceed To The Next Step’ button it takes me back to the home page and in fact, if I hover the mouse over that button the browser shows index.php as the target in the status bar.

Have I done something worng? Not done something? Or is this a bug?

It’s a bit tricky to run a store without being able to checkout :slight_smile:

Ok I’m getting somewhere… not very far but somewhere…

The above issue occurs with SEO addon switched on, which also makes the add to cart buttons not work

With SEO cart off everything seems fine.

Any ideas anyone?

I’ve just switched off one page checkout (reverted to classic checkout) and switched on SEO, my checkout is working fine.

Proceed to Next Step shows index.php also. The only thing i have found is that with SEO switched on some links have a double slash, like


Thanks. I can’t get the thing to work.

With SEO on it shows seo’d type urls fine but screws up most of the buttons.

Perhaps a problem with my host, although they host a 1.3.5 site fine

Well my hosting company says mod_rewrite is on so now i’m beaten