Position Quick View


I am looking to change the ‘quick view’ button to a another position.

I have look in several CSS and cant find the good CSS file and/or the position of the ‘quick view’.

The quick view bottum has to go higher in the picture about 10pix under the top.

Who can help me with this?


NoOne who knows how to change this?

Usually in: /skins/yourskin/customer/base.css or styles.css

Class: quick-view

Install Firebug, or equivalent for yor browser, and pull the CSS apart using Firebug.

There is no universal answer to this question as most skins are different.

Thanks for your respons.

I have look in firebug and cant find it.

In .css look to, nothing to find.

I stop, i let it there.

Its loocking like a hobbit in the big world.

It'll be there somewhere. If you post your URL I can take a quick look for you.

In your particular template, edit:



.quick-view {
margin: -85px 0 50px;
text-align: center;


.quick-view {
margin: -155px 0px 125px
text-align: center;

That should do it.


Yes, thats working.

A bit strange, i have changed this to and it whas not working at that time.

Thanks 4 your time on it.

No problem 8)