Pos And Stock Control System And Barcode


I am missing - a LOT - a proper Pos, stock control and barcode system in cs cart. That would help creating a proper stock control system as keeping track on stock in a proper stock control at stock location with barcodes and the whole lot - is horrible with cs cart.

I already tried the Webkul version of stock control for many locations and it is absolutely hopeless system. It does not automatically change the stock when client orders. You have to actually manually take out of stock each time a client orders when using the Webkul system.

So I am dreaming of a proper and well designed stock control system with barcode and the whole lot and I wish I could use Loyverse system which is a dream pos, stock control and barcode system - so if anyone would be interested in designing a connection to that one - I would be interested in buying that add on.

Maria :grin:


Greetings from Webkul!!

We have a separate add-on for stock control for warehouse management system for cs-cart. But if you require the feature of stock control with barcode so we can provide it to you. Please discuss your requirement in more detail with us at https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/.



Did you get any luck with getting a barcode and inventory system? We also used Webkul for and addon and it was no use. There POS addon worse than putting an order through the back end as normal so it is no addition. They did offer to customise it which I think is possibly their business model.