Pop-up: product option descriptions

Let’s say, when the customer is on the product page going through or filling out all of the product options, they should be able to click on something like a question mark (for instance) near an option in question and then a small pop-up window will appear explaining the particular option - in question - in more detail.

I don’t see why this isn’t already an option since CS-Cart leaves you a space to enter in a product option description when your programming them through global options or individually within each and every item.

I know some online form software like formsite.com has a similar feature available which works off of javascript.

Do you mean like this, look at the CSS Tooltip.


YOu mean where it says, “hover here” and when you put your mouse over it… a description appears? Yes, something like that on the product page would be perfect.

Do you know how to implement this? Does it work off the current product option descriptions that I’ve programmed so far.

If the product is not a configurable product (which has a detail link for the steps), there needs to be an html box next to each product option and choice where a pop-up code and or additional description can be entered.

So, uhmmm how do you do this? I’m such a noob at this is not even funny (but I’m sure I can help out whenever someone has a question about Halo 2, hehe)

I paid Cs-Cart to develop this for my site. They did. I’m sure they’ll implement it into a new release of the software.


Do you have a sample page where this has been implemented?