Pop Up Message - Add On Possibly?

We've been nominated for an retailer award. Customers need to vote to help us win.

I'd like to be able to display a pop up message that appears on whatever first page a customer lands on with a bit of an image and a link to the voting.

Ideally, I'd like it to be able to remember and only display to the customer once, regardless of how many times they leave the site and come back.

Is this possible?

What is the easiest way of setting something like this up?

Is there an add-on for this?



this works well

Hi John, yep this is a pretty good add on but its limited in its control and customisation a bit.

Does anyone know of any other add-ons (paid or free) that have more customisation options.

The most important features I'm looking for are;


[]Ability to remember customers/I.P's so message can be set to only be shown to the customer once - I don't want the customer being bombarded everytime they return to the homepage/website etc.

]Able to set the pop up to display on whichever the page the customer lands on first.


Does anyone know of anything else? Thanks

sent you the wrong link, this does what you want I use it

With our pop-up wrapper you can put any block to popup window in few clicks.