Pop-up image issues

I always add the original image to the product page for the pop-up image. However the box that pops up is small and sometimes cannot accommodate the entire image in view without the customer having to move the image around in this box with the mouse. Either the pop up box should be big enough so the whole image is in view, OR the pop-up image should be scaled down so it fits in this box. Is this possible?

My other issue is sometimes that to click the pop-up image you need to click the product image on the page twice. The first time nothing happens, the second time it loads as it should. I’m using Chrome. It might be a browser issue…

I think 300 x 400 is the best image size for detailed, just make sure you upload your images at this size(or whatevre you think is best) this should fit just right in the pop up box. There are plenty free image rezize programmes out there to bulk change them


Is there a feature in CS where I can specify the dimensions and let it do that for me?

In adim settings thumbnail (on the right of the page)

But for web speed it is always better to upload your images at the correct size and not let them be scaled by the cart