Poll not showing

I’ve been displaying a new poll every week on our website, but last week’s poll, when I changed it, it just doesn’t appear anymore. I tried deleting the block itself and recreating it, but nothing. When i create a poll block on the “homepage” or “All pages” in “Blocks”, it doesn’t show at all.

My settings are as follows, as I’ve read sometimes it makes a difference:

Name: Poll of the week

Content: Polls

Filling: Manually (only option)

Appearance type: Sidebox (only option)

Wrapper: sidebox_general.tpl

Any ideas? My website is www.fishtail.ca. I don’t think you need to know, but just in case.

In Content->Pages, does your poll have an available period specified? If so, is the period current?


Oh my god. I feel very stupid right now. haha

That was the problem. Thanks so much for your quick reply, jobosales! :slight_smile:

Is there a way to have a poll appear before a customer leaves the store, i.e. maybe types something into the address bar or something?

I dont like websites where a poll is the first thing a customer sees when entering.